Kaku Opens IPC APEX EXPO with Wit, Wisdom

Dr. Michio Kaku opened IPC APEX EXPO® with a provocative look at a future built around electronics everywhere. Blending plenty of humor with some inspirational science, the noted physicist gave the packed auditorium an inspiring view of life at the end of this century.

Dr. Kaku, well-known as a futurist, blended a bit of everything in his keynote: humor, economics and a lot of technology. He predicts that by the end of this decade, many computer chips will sell for a penny, making it possible to put them in wallpaper, clothes, eyeglasses and elsewhere.

This will come as the digitization of capitalism follows the trend set by the digitization of music and money. What he calls the Fourth Wave of industrial revolutions will transform fields as diverse as transportation, medicine and clothing.

Though many aspects of his keynote focused on the positive benefits of technology, Dr. Kaku also discussed some points of concern. Security and privacy will remain major issues as more aspects of daily life are digitized with connectivity. It’s a real boon to have a toothbrush that analyzes your health daily, but it’s not so great if that information is relayed to your insurance provider or employer.

His rapid-fire presentation didn’t pause to dwell on the negatives. His talk was very high level, without details that would bog down a speech but instead included philosophy from Yogi Berra and Woody Allen along with mentions of Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Whether Dr. Kaku was explaining that robots are dumber than cockroaches or describing glasses that help you recognize people and converse in different languages, he maintained a high level of entertainment. Audience members listened intently, and many followed him to get autographed copies of his two best-selling books on physics.

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