Honoring Committee Members

IPC APEX EXPO® may not officially open until Tuesday, but there was no shortage of activity on Monday. One of the highlights was an awards luncheon for the volunteers who had already done a lot of work before this awards presentation.

Many committee leaders were honored, but the group that developed the recently released B revision of IPC/WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies took honors for the largest group of honorees.

One reason for the size of the group is that the committee was a joint effort of IPC and the Wire Harness Manufacturer’s Association. They wrote a revision that included more than 500 documented comments and recommendations from users throughout the industry while also featuring 125 new or changed illustrations.

It took great leadership to manage this mountain of changes, not to mention the “special quirks” of a joint working group. John Laser and Richard Rumas lead the IPC team while Brett Miller and Dave Scidmore headed the WHMA team.

Eight more members of the committee received Special Recognition awards. They were honored along with 20 volunteers who were given Distinguished Committee Service awards.

That’s too many winners to list in this short article. That’s a challenge that also faces those who pick award winners. Everyone who contributes to an IPC committee is helping the industry build a stronger infrastructure. And that’s worthy of high commendation, even if those efforts don’t end up with a name on a plaque.

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