IPC Submits Comments to European Union on RoHS Review

On February 8, 2013, IPC submitted comments  to the European Union (EU) Commission applauding the Commission for supporting the use of a scientific methodology to identify and assess substances for inclusion in Annex II (list of restricted substances) under the RoHS Directive.

In January, the Commission launched a stakeholder consultation of the review of Annex II and stated that it supports developing a scientific methodology to identify and assess substances for inclusion in Annex II. In parallel with the development of the methodology, nominations will be accepted from stakeholders on what substances to consider. The Commission also stated that they support alignment with the REACH Regulation.

In IPC’s comments, the association encouraged the Commission to first establish the methodology before asking stakeholders to submit substances they believe are harmful. Furthermore, IPC commended the Commission on two important points: First, on its support of the alignment of the RoHS Directive with the REACH Regulation, which, in IPC’s opinion, solidifies the Commission’s support for scientifically based regulations. Second, on the Commission’s statement that TBBPA should not be considered as a priority for the first review of Annex II. During the RoHS revisions process, IPC successfully lobbied for the revised Directive to be scientifically based. As a result, the Commission did not implement additional substance restrictions under the revised RoHS Directive.

The Commission is required to complete its review of Annex II by July 2014. IPC will remain engaged in the review process.


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