Automotive Electronics – Highly Technical, Highly Entertaining

America’s love of cars goes beyond the personal connection, extending to a national economic relationship. “What’s good for GM is good for the country” is not as true as it once was, but it’s still a truism if you expand “GM” to include all automakers and their suppliers.

Electronic systems in autos are continuing to go through a change that’s perhaps the most sweeping transition in vehicles in several decades. New safety systems and copious entertainment options are being added, augmenting the many electronic controls that already exist. That’s coupled with sales growth that’s closing in on the high levels seen before the lingering downturn.

At IPC APEX EXPO® in San Diego, attendees will have a chance to learn a lot more about the extensive auto industry changes. Larry Burns, who was vice president of research and development (R&D) and strategic planning at General Motors, will give a free keynote  on reinventing the automobile. On Wednesday, February 20, Dr. Burns will share his compelling vision of the design and technology innovations that will drive a new, very different future of personal transportation.

Burns is a very entertaining speaker, both insightful and funny. He ties in personal observations from his family life as well as his many professional affiliations. He’s currently a professor of engineering at the University of Michigan, director of the Program on Sustainable Mobility for the Earth Institute at Columbia University, consultant for Google’s self-driving car program, and contractor with National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Automotive reliability requirements are nearly the same as those of aerospace and defense boards, but the volumes are significantly higher. In presentations I’ve seen, Burns typically addresses many technical issues, such as the industry’s unique high reliability, high volume requirements. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Burns, who has his own unique combination of high technology, highly entertaining.

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