Meeting Industry’s Movers and Shakers at IPC APEX EXPO

During the dark days of winter, it’s pretty common for groups to honor the best and brightest in their field. IPC is gearing up to honor individual volunteers and member companies later this month, providing the lead for other award presentations like the Oscars.

At IPC APEX EXPO® in San Diego, several awards will be presented at luncheons Monday, February 18 through Wednesday, February 20. IPC Hall of Fame inductees, Presidents Award winners, corporate award recognitions, and committee volunteers will all be honored for their contributions to IPC and the industry.

Even if you can’t make it to an awards luncheon, opportunities to meet these individuals exist throughout the week.

IPC APEX EXPO is a great place to not only learn about new technologies and innovations, but also to meet people and build business relationships, Most of the award winners will be in committee meetings, giving presentations and milling about the show venue, giving attendees scores of chances to meet  them. And remember that while IPC will honor a few, the number of movers and shakers that will be present at IPC APEX EXPO is obviously much larger.

Many of the volunteers who support IPC, along with the IPC staff who support them, are among the drivers of the electronics industry. They’re creating standards and guidelines that provide the infrastructure for design and manufacturing. They’re also lobbying for sensible regulations and helping collect the data used to make decisions.

IPC APEX EXPO is going to have a stellar list of industry’s best and brightest … and while the glam and red carpet may be missing, the recognition and achievements are no less star-studded. And the IPC award goes to …


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