IPC’s Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guide Now Available

IPC announces the publication of its Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guide  to help companies establish and execute an effective conflict minerals program.

IPC’s Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Guide provides companies with the necessary information to establish an effective conflict minerals due diligence program that meets the requirements of the new SEC regulation. This regulation requires companies to obtain supply chain information and data in order to respond to external inquiries regarding the source of conflict minerals contained in their manufactured products.

The guide document includes details on what to include in a conflict minerals program. It covers everything from who to include on a conflict minerals team to what to include in a company policy statement. The guide also lays out steps for identifying and prioritizing suppliers. Due to the complexity of the electronics supply chain it is imperative that key suppliers are identified in order to ensure they are thoroughly vetted for conflict minerals information. Since Section 1502 and the SEC regulation require companies to show their due diligence, this guide includes information on ensuring due diligence measures are met. Regardless of your legal responsibilities to the SEC, you will have to comply with customer requirements for showing appropriate due diligence.

Available as a printed copy or electronic download in the IPC bookstore, the guide can be purchased by IPC members for $50; the industry price is $75. Visit www.ipc.org/conflict-minerals-guide.  The document will also be available for purchase at the IPC Bookstore at IPC APEX EXPO® in San Diego.

For more information on IPC’s conflict minerals activities, visit www.ipc.org/conflict-minerals.

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