IPC Runs a Hot Contest

Participating in a contest where you’ve got an audience that extends beyond friends and family is typically a pretty memorable event. Bringing your best to the table and seeing how you fare is exciting, both for participants and their supporters.

Most adults don’t get to participate in many contests unless they’re involved in hobbies that hold competitions. If you’re not involved in such a pastime, IPC’s got an upcoming opportunity that takes advantage of skills used in the workplace.

At the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego February 19–21, those who know how to handle a soldering iron will have a chance to see how they match up with their peers throughout the industry.

Now’s the time to start preparing for that contest. Many companies hold corporate challenges to select those who will compete in San Diego. Past participants say these in-house contests are fun, which seems like a pretty good way to build morale. The cost isn’t usually high — a few pizzas after the contest.

Though large companies often send teams of soldering specialists to IPC contests, that’s not mandatory. Participants can come alone or with a partner.

Planning ahead is a good idea. At past IPC APEX EXPO events, the available slots are usually filled in before opening day. Once the contest begins, it’s typically a busy spot on the show floor.

The setup is festive, with overhead mirrors that provide something of a Rockettes feel. This lets observers see the actual soldering. They’ll be seeing the best of the best — many of the participants are winners of IPC contests held earlier this year. At the contests I’ve seen, there’s always a fair crowd watching the contest. It’s a fun, memorable time. When I’ve interviewed participants from past years, they really enjoy recalling the event, win or lose.

For more information or to register, go to the IPC APEX EXPO Hand Soldering Competition Webpage.

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