When You’re Hungry for Knowledge About PoP

Technical conferences generally end with attendees feeling they’ve learned a lot. But once they’ve had time to absorb what they learned, many of them long for more in-depth knowledge.

That won’t be a problem for attendees at two upcoming IPC conferences. At the IPC Conference on Solderability and Reliability for Electronics Assemblies in Budapest February 6-7, 2013, attendees will get to be some of the first people to see Bob Willis’ new book on package on package (PoP) technology.

The creator of ASKbobwillis.com will give attendees access to his online book, Package On Package Assembly Inspection & Quality Control. The official launch of the digital book will take place at IPC APEX EXPO® in San Diego, February 19-21, where attendees of Willis’ presentations will be given access to the 100-page book.

In one of the first textbooks on PoP, Willis provides plenty of in-depth information on chip stacking, which is finally seeing solid market growth after years of development for low-volume applications.

The textbook includes a number of images and photos, including X-ray images that help readers understand what’s going on inside these high density packages. Willis has split the text into 12 sections that cover areas such as: dip paste and flux, process assembly defects, cleaning options and underfill. For those looking to quench their knowledge on package on package technology, Willis is helping sweeten the pop.

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    If you would like to get a copy of the free eBook simply visit http://www.packageonpackagebook.com

    Bob Willis

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