Pausing to Thank Volunteers

Volunteerism is an incredible force. Workers who give up their free time have created the standards that form the basis of many industries, from electronics to autos to the manufacturing world that ultimately turns concepts into products.

I got a reminder of this fact when I spoke with Steve Trasatto. That wasn’t because he’s on the Board of Directors for the Research Triangle Park Chapter of the IPC Designers Council. What impressed me was that he’s among the group of volunteers that has put on PCB Carolina for more than a decade. The conference began in 2001 after Designers Council members commiserated when an economic downturn eliminated travel funds for trade shows. That recession was short-lived, but their response wasn’t. In today’s long downturn, the fact that the conference is free has been a big factor.

No doubt Trasatto would be the first to say that he’s just one of many volunteers who have made the conference and its exhibits a popular way for technologists in the region to learn a bit about new technology. Together, the volunteers have done a lot to benefit many people, from the attendees to the exhibitors who gain sales to caterers and others in fields far from electronics.

The Carolina group represents just a few of the volunteers who help IPC and many, many other groups do good work. They don’t do it for gratitude, but all of us owe them a big thank you.

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