IPC China to offer members referee/inspection service for IPC-A-610

Training has been one of the cornerstones of IPC’s push into China. Chinese companies are anxious to learn how they can comply with standards that are often used to determine whether or not a supplier will get a contract.

IPC standards have long been used as the metric for quality, providing clear definitions of what makes a good quality board and what doesn’t. But no matter how clear documentation is, there will always be room for different interpretations.

That’s starting to occur more often in China, where the rapid expansion of manufacturing means many companies are coming up to speed in areas like quality and reliability. As this occurs, more companies are asking, “what happens when two companies disagree on whether or not a given board, or a full lot, meets IPC-A-610?”

IPC China is stepping into this fray, offering IPC members a referee/inspection service. IPC China’s Master Trainers who are certified and regularly teach courses on IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, can be tapped to referee these disagreements.

“If an IPC member company has a conflict on assemblies that are specified to IPC-A-610, IPC can referee based on the standard,” said Leesha Peng, general manager of IPC China. “We have had several requests for this service already. IPC can provide them with an unbiased opinion as to whether or not the inspected electronic assemblies meets the requirements that the IPC technical standards committee intended.”

For more information, contact Peng at LeeshaPeng@ipc.org.

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