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Market Data Update

The Electronics Industries Market Data Updateis published quarterly as a service to IPC members. This report is part of IPC’s continuing effort to provide comprehensive and up-to-date market data and trends to its members.

VIDEO RECORDED PRESENTATIONS – Online Presentation Library:

The following presentations were recorded live during the IPC Flexible Circuits Conference in Irvine, California, June 12-14, 2012:

Technology Presentations:

IPC-2223 Revision C Overview

Ask the Flexpert

Design, Fabrication and Electrical Analysis of High Speed Flex

Aspect Ratio Does Not Matter Anymore

Supporting Electronic Innovations: Printed Electronics Opportunities

BGA Voiding in Flexible Circuits

Alternative Approaches to the Manufacture of Rigid Flex Circuit Assemblies

Advances in Flexible Printed Lighting Technologies for High Growth Markets

Printed Electronics: an Overview

Management Presentation:

Transitioning from Rigid to Flex/Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing


Printed Electronics – Webinar presented June 20, 2012

Electronic Packaging Technology and Interconnect for High Performance Medical Imaging Systems


IPC members may request a free single user download of a document with digital rights management of each new standard within 90 days of publication by e-mailing MemberTechRequests@ipc.org.

Metal Foil for Printed Board Applications – (4562A-CN) Chinese translation

Translation released June 2012

Requirements for Solder Paste Printing – (7527-DK) Danish translation

Translation released June 2012

Requirements for Printed Electronics Base Materials (Substrates) – (4921)

This document provides comprehensive data to help users more easily determine both material capability and compatibility for flexible and rigid base dielectric materials for manufacture of printed electronics. It includes base material specification sheets that have been updated with the newest properties for the specification material types. It establishes the most current classification system, qualification and quality conformance requirements, including those raw material properties of particular interest to the printed electronics designer, fabricator, or user. This standard is a joint standard published by IPC and JPCA, Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association. Released June 2012

Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies – (7711/21B-DE) German translation

Translation released July 2012

Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies – (7711/21B-RO) Romanian translation

Translation released July 2012

Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Potting Materials and Encapsulation Processes Used for Electronics Printed Circuit Board Assembly – HDBK-850

This handbook has been written to assist the designers and users of potting and encapsulation in understanding the characteristics of various materials, as well as the factors that can modify those characteristics when the potting or encapsulation is applied. The equipment and processes involved in the preparation and application of potting and encapsulation are also covered. The challenge in developing this handbook is that there has been no clear industry definition that distinguished between potting and encapsulation. From glob-top to dam-and-fill, this document uses terminology associated with processes related only to electronic printed circuit board assembly and protection. Understanding and accounting for these materials can ensure the reliability and function of electronics. Released July 2012.

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