Internet radios and trade shows: something for everyone

One of the many things I like about the Web is the ability to make my own radio stations, grouping together groups that make sense to me. I can also change musical genres when I’ve gotten my fill of one style.

This doesn’t just happen in the Cyber world. It’s also true at trade shows, which were once predicted to be in danger because of the Internet.

One of the things I’ve always liked about trade shows is the ability to tailor my schedule to what interests me at the time. I can mix technical sessions and show floor visits to get a good understanding of a given issue. And when I think I’ve learned everything I need, or when I’m on overload and need a break, I can shift gears and study something else.

IPC Midwest offers a wealth of options, addressing some extremely technical issues in sessions with insight from a few diverse subject matter experts. Vendors on the show floor provide real world products with a bit more of a production-oriented viewpoint.

When it’s time to focus on business and quality issues, the IPC Executive Summit will provide two days of focused presentations. If you’re on overload, check out the hand soldering contest. It’s a pleasant diversion, one that reminds us all that there’s still a need for human intervention in the high tech world. IPC Midwest isn’t a mammoth conference,  but its size can be deceptive. There’s plenty of great information that hits on every facet of this segment of the electronics industry – more than enough to fill every plate. And every brain.

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