Definitely a hot contest

Americans love a contest, if TV is any indication of our collective interest. Whether it’s’ the Olympics or shows that pick America’s next idol, best dancer or toughest survivor, these challenges dominate the airwaves and we can’t seem to get enough of them.

Next month, many IPC members will get to see – or participate in – a contest to see who’s best and quickest at hand soldering. Last year, the contest booth at IPC Midwest (August 22-23 this year) was pretty solidly scheduled, with crowds standing by to watch for most of the two-day challenge.

Some watch their friends or co-workers, others watch simply to see how technicians perform when they’re being tested for quality and by time. Mirrors give viewers a chance to see the soldering from a different angle.

It’s got to be a bit strange for the contestants, who don’t typically have people watching them while they work. But most perform admirably despite the added pressure. The IPC hand soldering contest  is an international phenomenon, with events in the U.S., China and India.

The prizes are pretty nice. The winner gets a $500 plus  a free trip to IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego Feb. 19-21. At APEX EXPO, the international hand soldering contest will let champions from China, India and the U.S. vie for international glory — truly being awarded Best of the Best. It’s a fun contest, one that’s a nice diversion during a busy trade show.

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