Making sense of economic trends

In normal years, figuring out how to move ahead during an economic recovery often seems like herding cats. But given the many questions swirling around the impact that a Greek default might have on the global economy, conventional electronics industry businesses seem like stable, predictable fields.

Funny how perspectives can change. IPC’s Spring Electronics Industries Market Data Update addresses the fluid political and economic situations in Europe. The update can’t predict what will happen, but it provides data that shows what’s been happening in global economies.

Data for the comparatively staid electronics field might prove more helpful. Many segments in electronics haven’t been impacted too much to date. Laminate sales were up slightly for the year. The EMS industry also grew, exceeding the expansion in laminates.

IPC data delves into data points that are difficult to find elsewhere. If you’re interested in where solder’s used, and how much of it still contains lead, this report is the easiest place to find it.

Electronics industry data can’t predict what will happen in Greece. But it certainly sheds insight on what’s happening in the many niches within this industry.

The IPC Market Data Update is available to IPC members at no charge and to industry by subscription. For more information, contact IPC Director of Market Research Sharon Starr.

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