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Electronics Industries Market Data Update (Spring 2012) This quarterly business report brings together the latest market data from many segments across the supply chain. Covering metals, solder, chemicals, assembly equipment, laminates, PCBs, EMS, end-product industries and macroeconomic trends, it offers readers a comprehensive view of industry dynamics. Every issue includes leading indicators to help readers plan for changes in their business environment.
Companies in the PCB and EMS industries currently have the opportunity to participate in IPC’s annual industry trends studies. Survey participants will receive the study reports at no charge.

  • PCB fabricators in the Americas are invited to participate in the PCB surveys at Survey access codes are 275 for rigid PCBs and 276 for flexible circuits. The survey deadline is extended to June 1.
  • EMS companies worldwide can participate in the EMS surveys at Survey access codes are 278 for the Americas, 279 for Europe, and 281 for Asia. The deadline is June 8.

The surveys also ask for your company ID number, which helps to ensure the confidentiality of your data. If you don’t know this number, contact Ms. Piyamart Holmgren.
This is the last week to participate in IPC’s “fast facts” survey about on-shoring – the movement of operations or sourcing to the Americas. Participants will receive the complete report free in June. Access this confidential survey at

VIDEO RECORDED PRESENTATIONS – Online Presentation Library
Technology Presentations
The following were presented at IPC APEX EXPO 2012:
Whiskers and Alternative Surface Finishes at Press-in Technology
Backward Compatible Assembly, Microstructure and Thermal Reliability on an Extremely Large Ball Grid Array
Assembly and Reliability of 1704 I/O FCBGA & FPBGAs
The Effect of Powder Surface Area and Oxidation on the Voiding Performance of PoP Solder Pastes
Halogen-free Lead-free Solder Paste with Advanced Activator Technology
Drop Test Performance of BGA Assembly Using SAC105Ti Solder Sphere
An Investigation into Low Temperature Tin-Bismuth and Tin-bismuth-silver Lead-free Alloy Solder Pastes
Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN Central Pads with a Ni/Au Finish
Effects of Tin and Copper Nanotexturization on Tin Whisker Formation
PCB Trace Impedance: Impact of Localized PCB Copper Density
A Study of PCB Insertion Loss Variation in Manufacturing Using a New Low Cost Metrology
An Investigation of Whisker Growth on Tin Coated Wire and Braid
The following presentations were recorded live during the IPC Tin Whiskers Conference, April 2012:
Tin Whisker Mitigation in Assembly
Special Consideration for Medical Sector: Product Reliability Issues Due to Pb-free
Research at UNT on Metal (Tin, Zinc and Cadmium) Whiskers
Tin Whisker Mitigation Process
Mitigation Measurements and Whisker Survey of Commercial Components
Management Presentations
The following were presented at IPC APEX EXPO 2012:
PCB Executive Management Meeting China Perspective of the PCB Industry
EMS Management Council Meeting ERP Systems and Cloud Computing
The State of Consumer Tech
Trends in Distribution
EMS Growth in India

2012 IPC APEX EXPO® Proceedings Papers, Free Forums and Posters – all in .pdf format

IPC members may request a free single user download of a document with digital rights management of each new standard within 90 days of publication by e-mailing
Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies – (7711/21B-IT) Italian language
Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies – (A-610E-JP) Japanese language
Users Guide to IPC-9202 and the IPC-B-52 Standard Test Vehicle – (9203)
Acceptability of Printed Boards – (A-600H-DE) German language
Requirements for Solder Paste Printing – (7527)

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