IPC New Releases April 2012

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A-610E-JP 電子組立品の許容基準 (Japanese Language)

7711/21B-IT Rilavorazione, Modifica e Riparazione di Assemblati Elettronici (Italian Language)

Market Research:

TECHTR-11E PCB Technology Trends 2011


IPC APEX EXPO Multimedia Presentations:

APEXPO12-S02-1 Whiskers and Alternative Surface Finishes at Press-in Technology

APEXPO12-S02-2 An Investigation of Whisker Growth on Tin Coated Wire and Braid

APEXPO12-S02-3 Effects of Tin and Copper Nanotexturization on Tin Whisker Formation

APEXPO12-S07-1 PCB Trace Impedance: Impact of Localized Copper Density

APEXPO12-S07-2 A Study of PCB Insertion Loss Variation Using a New Low Cost Metrology

APEXPO12-S11-1 Morphology Evolution and Voiding of Solder Joints on QFN Central Pads With a Ni/AU Finish

APEXPO12-S16-3 An Investigation Into Low Temperature Tin-Bismuth and Tin-Bismuth-Silver Lead-free Alloy Solder Pastes for Electronics Manufacturing Applications

APEXPO12-S21-2 Drop Test Performance of BGA Assembly Using SAC105Ti Solder Sphere

APEXPO12-S26-1 Halogen-free Lead-free Solder Paste with Advanced Activator Technology

APEXPO12-S26-2 The Effect of Powder Surface Area and Oxidation on the Voiding Performance of PoP Solder Pastes

APEXPO12-S32-2 Assembly and Reliability of 1704 I/O FCBGA & FPBGAs

APEXPO12-S32-3 The Relationship between Backward Compatible Assembly and Microstructure on the Thermal Reliability of an Extremely Large Ball Grid Array

PCBAPEXCHINAPCB02-12 China Perspective of the PCB Industry



  1. Sheryl Payne
    Posted May 7, 2012 at 5:08 pm | Permalink

    I get notification of new releases of IPC but do you also have a new release document notification for J/STD and ANSI.

    • Kim Sterling
      Posted May 9, 2012 at 9:10 am | Permalink

      Hi Sheryl – All docs released by IPC come through our new releases list. If it’s a J-STD doc, it’s usually a joint standard between IPC and JEDEC or EIA, so we would still announce it. ANSI just means that the document has gone through the ANSI process. It’s still an IPC doc. So the short answer is that all IPC docs are announced through the new releases list serve and that we will definitely notify the list recipients when a doc becomes ANSI approved. If you want broader information on ANSI, you can find them at http://www.ansi.org. Anything other questions, just let me know.

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