Sign on to Congressional Letter Opposing Federal Meeting Attendance Prohibition

IPC has received the following information from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Your action is requested!

Background: More than 600 individuals from various U.S. government agencies, including NIST, DoD, NASA and Sandia National Laboratory participate in IPC standards development. Their exclusion from IPC meetings will slow the adoption and use of IPC standards by the military and other government agencies. Government employees, especially those from the Environmental Protection Agency, NIST and DoD, have been invaluable contributors to IPC educational programs. Their participation has helped educate the industry in a variety of areas from environmental regulations to data transfer standards and export controls.

Information from ASAE:

An amendment passed by the House and Senate in two separate bills severely limits federal employees from attending private conferences if any federal funds are used for travel expenses. The definitions used in the amendment (see the amendment language here) impose severe restrictions on all private conferences: associations, other nonprofits, and corporations could only have a federal agency’s employees attend one meeting held by that organization every year. This is an extreme overreaction by Congress and would severely damage many public-private partnerships.

We need your help educating Congress on what these amendments mean and the impact they would have on meetings and conferences. You can help this effort in two ways:

  • Sign the open letter to Congress asking them to amend the offending language. You can see the letter here, and sign on via our web form or by completing this documentWe are collecting signatures through Friday, May 4. The more names on this letter, the bigger the impact it will have on Congress.
  • During this week’s recess, contact your members of Congress in the district and share with them your concern on this issue. Here is a one-pager that outlines the concerns with these provisions.

While the stated intent of the language would be to prevent wasteful spending on government sponsored conferences, the actual language would prevent many federal employees from attending and participating in private conferences. We need a strong response to wake Congress up to this issue, so take a few minutes today to take action on this issue.

Please contact the ASAE Public Policy Department with any questions at 202.626.2703 or

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