In therapy and business, little things count

It seems like a lot of people I know are doing physical therapy these days. Replaced hips and knees seem pretty common, as are exercises for backs and other achy body parts.

Their rehab programs have a similar theme. Do a few exercises using the proper form and do them faithfully. The people I know who are taking therapy fall into two categories. One group initially complains that the therapy is too hard, then complains that the exercises didn’t alleviate the pain. The other does the things that are known to work and recover well.

That’s a pretty good approach to business practices. No matter what the business or what aspect you’re involved in, there are usually a few things that have to be done to ensure that the rest of the operations flow along smoothly. And quite often, they are the companies that are a pleasure to work with.

Doing these little things regularly is central to avoiding the pain of problems. Employees who pay attention to detail typically don’t have to worry about fixing small, avoidable errors. That means they’ve got more time to step in when bigger problems arise, as they always will.

Businesses that don’t pay attention to detail often seem to be fighting a constant battle just to keep up with day-to-day activities. Anything extra that arises leads to chaos that takes more time to resolve.

In this industry, IPC provides a wealth of standards and best practice guideline that can help companies figure out many of the basic steps needed to run their businesses. Spending time on the little steps takes some time. But usually, it takes far less time than fixing the messes that occur when you don’t pay attention to detail.

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