New Book by Bob Willis Available for Free Download: Pin In Hole Reflow (PIHR) Technology

Pin in Hole Reflow, Pin In Paste, Multi Spot Soldering, Intrusive Assembly – What’s in a name?

If you have an interest in Pin in In Hole Intrusive Reflow, Design and Assembly, frequent IPC contributor Bob Willis of the “IPC/NPL Defect of the Month” has a new book out for free download at

“Once again Bob has managed to write a user’s guide which gives a good basic overview of the subject, whilst still providing the depth of information to allow those of us who’ve been using PiHR successfully for years to nod sagely in agreement at the nuances and still learn a few new tricks to try in the process. The breakdown of areas prompts a logical progression for designing your first successful PiHR product and associated processes, and provides that most invaluable of resources: pictures, illustrations and notes throughout of what it should look like both when it goes right and when there are problems that need the process engineer’s input.”

Sue Knight, Project Engineer

Surface Technology International Ltd.

Chairman of the SMART Group Technical Committee

Table of Contents:

Intro Introduction to Pin in Paste Intrusive Reflow
Chapter 1 Pin In Hole Reflow PCB Design Guidelines
Chapter 2 PIHR Component Guidelines
Chapter 3 Solder Paste Application Methods
Chapter 4 Automatic and Manual Component Placement
Chapter 5 Reflow Soldering
Chapter 6 Temperature Profiling for Pin In Paste Reflow
Chapter 7 Solder Joint Inspection and Quality Control
Chapter 8 Reliability of Through Hole Reflow
Chapter 9 PIHR Manufacturing Defects – Causes and Cures
Chapter 10 PIHR Bibliography
Chapter 11 PIHR Frequently Asked Questions

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