IPC APEX EXPO® Standards Development Reports: Printed Electronics

These committee reports from IPC APEX EXPO should help you keep up-to-date on what’s happening in technology that affects your company. For more information on these committees, contact Marc Carter or Dieter Bergman. You can also visit www.ipc.org/committees for more information on IPC standards development, drafts and minutes.

The D-61 Printed Electronics Design Subcommittee worked on a table of contents draft for IPC-2291, Design Guidelines for Printed Electronics. Subcommittee members also established initial working contacts with NPES (printing trade association) for exchange of information and documentation.

The D-62 Printed Electronics Base Material/Substrates Subcommittee reviewed a draft of IPC-4921, Requirements for Printed Electronics Base Materials. In addition, the subcommittee began structuring proposed round-robin comparative testing of selected substrate materials and identified parallel documents from flexible printed circuit standards and contacts within those committees.

The D-63 Printed Electronics Functional Materials Subcommittee reviewed a draft of IPC-4591, Requirements for Printed Electronics Functional Materials in preparation for final subcommittee circulation. The group is still soliciting examples of company-specific specifications and tech data sheets as reference file documents for comparison to IPC-4591.

The D-64 Printed Electronics Final Assembly Subcommittee drafted the table of contents for IPC-6901, Performance Requirements for Printed Electronics Assemblies. The subcommittee identified documents from ISO defining RFID structures and ASTM defining membrane switches as possible reference documents.

The 8-61 Printed Electronics Technology Roadmap Subcommittee reviewed a working draft of the table of contents; specific contributors/authors were assigned to some of the topics. A rough first draft is aggressively targeted for April 2012.

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