IPC APEX EXPO – WHY should you go?

Of course, the IPC staff thinks there are plenty of reasons to attend. But it’s been a long year getting ready so we’ll rest for a little bit and let your colleagues talk…

I saved myself a week’s worth of e-mails to find the right PCB supplier with a specific solder mask.  I was able to meet with the PCB supplier and the solder mask supplier together all within 30 minutes. Brian Madsen, Engineer, Continental AG

By interacting with the experts and fellow contributors in IPC standards committee meetings, I was able to get answers to all three of the critical questions I came to the show needing to answer. Todd MacFadden, Component & Reliability Engineer, Consumer Electronics OEM

At IPC APEX EXPO I get a feel for industry trends in technology and I learn about what’s available to build the next generation of assemblies. The show enables me to build the best possible quality product and puts me one step ahead of the competition. Stuart Krever, Sr. Process Engineer, Qual-Pro

Both the technical conference and exhibition gave me a lot of information on current design practices as well as assembly, rework and repair of BTCs and flex circuits technologies.  I was able to get a lot of information to address our challenges and to drive positive results. The week was time well spent! Larry Davis, Production Engineer, Hach

Each year IPC APEX EXPO provides NAWCWD with the opportunity to interact and exchange with global electronics industry subject matter experts. The result is state of the art technology, superior quality and more reliable products and services for our men and women in uniform serving around the world. There is no greater goal to achieve! Kirk Armstrong, Head of Quality Assurance, NAVAIR Airborne Instrumentation Systems Division

I typically come away from this show with at least a couple of valuable nuggets that, once applied to my job, will save our company enough money to pay for the trip and then some. This year, it was process improvements tips! Wayne Sortwell, Sr. PCB Designer, BittWare Inc.

The professional development courses were great and I left the conference excited to take new information back to my company. More than that, the show helped reaffirm the need for constant learning and finding new ways to approach challenges. Eric Anderson, Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Beijer Electronics Inc

IPC APEX EXPO was a great event! I give it a big thumbs-up for diversity of companies, products and technologies presented. I will definitely come back and recommend it to my colleagues. Jason Pham, Sr. Mfg. Engineer, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems

IPC APEX EXPO simply gets things in motion. Year after year, I experience long-term benefits that grow from the face-to-face encounters I make at the conference. Christopher Ryder, Global Head – Customer Quality, AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG

I learned more and more about flex from the technical sessions and design forums. It really made a difference for me as I headed back to tackle all my flex designs. Filbert Arzola, Principal Electrical Engineer, Raytheon

A great show! It was convenient for me to meet with so many vendors and compare one to the next. I narrowed my search for a new rework system down from a possible seven to the one I am going to purchase. Bob Heston, Group Leader Manufacturing Support, L-3 Communications

I attended for the first time! 10 out of 10! Christopher Farmer, Superviser of Production, Vri Industria Eletronica Ltda

It was great to visit with the companies, to see the technologies they had to offer, and to interact with fellow associates and suppliers all during one show and in just a few days.  I just wish I had more time. Gregory A. Bodziak, Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corporation

Through the technical conference, I found several solutions to existing problems we’re facing and I was able to find the right people to consult with in the future on similar issues. Phillip Bavaro, Staff Engineer, L-3 Communications, Telemetry West

The show gave me the ability to evaluate multiple vendors at the same time and to balance pros and cons on the spot. Andrew Trowbridge, IPT Leader – Aftermarket, BAE Systems Platform Solutions

I was impressed to see all of the available options rather than just those currently used.  I learned about industry best practices and gained an understanding of common industry issues related to PCBs. Lewis Ellis III, Lead Global Supplier Development Engineer-Electronics Controls, Whirlpool Corporation

I discovered new technologies and alternative solutions to existing problems. Jeff Thompson, Electronics Plant Manager, Hunter Engineering Co.

I was extremely impressed with IPC APEX EXPO. Not only did I obtain information on new technology, but I also forged new relationships with potential suppliers and industry experts. Jason Pippin, Process Design Engineer, Denso Manufacturing Tennessee Inc.

IPC APEX EXPO is the very best venue for seeing all of the latest PCB assembly equipment. I was able to view many vendors and see many new models of equipment in a short timeframe. Steven Sheets, Advanced Specialist, Denso Manufacturing Tennessee Inc.

One week after the show we are issuing a P.O. for a new selective soldering machine based on the evaluation and information received at the show. Steven Vaughan, VP-Operations, DICA Electronics

The show allowed me to visit all the major equipment suppliers so I could evaluate their products and select the best for our new SMT production line operation. Leonard Lachmann, Vice President, Protech Global Solutions, LP

The IPC APEX EXPO professional development courses provided me with a toolbox of ideas that I was able to bring back to my company and implement with measurable results. James A. Leske, Purchasing Manager, Mettrix Technology Corporation

See you in San Diego next week. Exhibition dates are Feb. 28 – March 1. Register online at www.IPCAPEXEXPO.org/register and save $25 on-site registration fee!

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