2-18x Standard Series — More than Materials Declaration

By Krista Crotty, Alberi Eco Tech, 2-18 subcommittee co-chair

The 2-18x standards subcommittees and task groups are responsible for the Supplier Declaration Standards Series and most people are familiar with the 2-18b Materials Declaration Task Group and its activities. The 2-18b task group is responsible for IPC-1752A, Materials Declaration Management Standard. But there is much more to the supplier declaration standards than materials declaration. The series of standards is designed as a total solution for supplier declarations. Built on IPC-1751A, Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management Standard, the series of standards provides a format for the supply chain to exchange information about its products and services.

Committees meet throughout the year via conference calls, web and face-to-face meetings. Meetings via conference call and web can take place as often as bi-weekly depending on where the committee is in its development cycle. Over the coming months, most committees will be meeting remotely to discuss items. The next face-to-face meetings will take place at IPC APEX EXPO® in San Diego, February 26-March 2, 2012.

Following are brief descriptions of select 2-18x subcommittees and task groups and their recent activities:

2-18 Supplier Declaration Subcommittee
The 2-18 Supplier Declaration Subcommittee is responsible for developing the overall format and XML characteristics for the standard series. The sectionals listed follow similar formatting as IPC-1751A for consistency. 2-18 is also responsible for the main sectional of the series, IPC-1751A, which outlines information about the supplier. In addition, the sectional provides space for the requester of the information to set some of the information requirements. IPC-1751A is required in order to use any of the sectionals within the series. Sectionals currently released or in development cover: material, laminate, printed board, pack/packing materials, batteries, conflict metals/minerals and assembly declarations.

2-18b Materials Declaration Task Group
As mentioned, the most widely used sectional of the series is IPC-1752. In 2010, the 2-18b Materials Declaration Task Group released version A of the sectional standard. Focusing on the standardization of information reported rather than the visual delivery method, the sectional moved to strictly a data standard, focusing on XML characteristics rather than the delivery format. The visual formatting or delivery was left to solution providers. If you are looking for a visual solution, many solution providers are listed on the 2-18b task group webpage, as well as in the IPC members-only directory. This committee is currently led by Mark Frimann, Texas Instruments Inc. and Aidan Turnbull, Environ UK Ltd.

As an outcome of the meetings at IPC Midwest this past September, the task group agreed to update the criteria for listing solution providers on the committee webpage and will be released soon.

2-18c Laminate Declaration Task Group
The 2-18c Laminate Declaration Task Group is responsible for developing the format and XML characteristics for copper-clad laminate. IPC-1753, still in development, will use IPC-1751A to provide requester and supplier company information. At IPC Midwest, the task group discussed the need to include all laminate materials – rigid, flex, and non-organic – within the standard. Discussions on updating XML characteristics are ongoing. Doug Sober, Kaneka Texas Corporation serves as chair of this task group with assistance from Dieter Bergman, IPC.

2-18f Declaration of Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials Task Group
With laws such as the EU REACH Regulation and the EU Packaging Directive, pack and packing materials also require reporting of materials and handling procedures. Materials reporting in pack and packing products requires the supply chain to offer information in a clear, concise format which fits well within the IPC-175x series of standards. The 2-18f Declaration of Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials Task Group has been working diligently on this problem for the past few years. In September, the task group finalized a document for ballot for the next sectional of the IPC-175x series of standards, IPC-1758, Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials. A final standard is expected in early 2012. This task group is currently lead by John Ciba, Brady Corporation and Lee Wilmot, TTM Technologies, Inc.

2-18g Declaration of Batteries and Battery Materials Task Group
In mid-2011, the need for a batteries reporting format was brought to the attention of the 2-18 subcommittee. Through the efforts of IPC member companies, the 2-18g Declaration of Batteries and Battery Materials Task Group was formed to investigate the format and requirements of a new sectional covering the reporting requirements for batteries. Not limited to materials, the sectional is expected to cover transportation and other regulation requirements as it is formed. This task group is co-chaired by Aimee Siegler, Benchmark Electronics Inc. and Kelly St. Andre, PTC.

2-18h Conflict Minerals Data Exchange Task Group
At IPC Midwest, an initial meeting to explore the idea of developing a sectional around conflict minerals reporting requirements was a success. The meeting resulted in two working committees under 2-18h: information reporting and due diligence. The reporting format will be based on the XML schema that governs the IPC-175x series of standards while the due diligence portion will work to develop a document to assist companies in achieving due diligence requirements. This information task group is currently looking for leadership. If you are interested in chairing this task group, contact IPC staff liaison Fern Abrams.

Chemical Analysis Lab Report Guideline Task Group
Another new sectional is being considered for the standardization of reporting for laboratory reports. An initial meeting for this sectional will take place at IPC APEX EXPO 2012. If you are interested in participating, please contact IPC staff liaison Stephanie Castorina.

IPC’s standards development committees, subcommittees and task group are always looking for assistance with sectional development and reviews. If you are interested in becoming involved or learning more about a committee, send an e-mail.

You can also contact any of the committee chairs to learn more about their responsibilities and activities.

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