Happy hours, canines and IPC conventions

Sometimes, the Internet is really a useful tool. Other times, it’s a pretty entertaining medium with fun things to do. Unless you’re busy and have trouble focusing on the “useful” side of the Web, that blend of fun and work is a pretty good thing.

While work-related Web searches often devolve into non-productive minutes, I recently turned this scenario around while searching for some info on vacation sites. When San Diego popped up in the top 20 of international vacation sites and number four on Travel and Leisure magazine’s top U.S. vacation sites, my search teetered between fun and usefulness.

Another fun fact, Bartending.com ranks city third in happy hours. The city’s 751 happy hours per square mile more than doubles that of Orlando, a leading convention city. And though I don’t have a dog, I was somehow impressed to learn that the nation’s eighth largest city was ranked fourth by Dogfriendly.com.

I make the rules for what makes my Web browsing useful, and the San Diego search gained this good work ethic award. That’s because San Diego is the site of IPC APEX EXPO, which runs from Feb. 28 to March 1.  That conference and exhibition promises to be particularly beneficial this year, with more than 400 exhibitors and 50 professional development courses.

The potential to add a couple days of vacation can be attractive. But if that’s not a possibility, being in a warm climate is a big attraction even if your only free time is evenings and the occasional outdoor break during showtime hours. Besides, where else would you rather spend Leap Day, Feb. 29?

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