Quick paths to knowledge

One of the goals for reporters is to get a lot of important information in a short amount of time. That’s not much different than most people in this industry – I rarely hear people saying they’re looking for a slower way to gather data.

I’m finding that Webinars are a great way to pick up some new info in about an hour. Unless you’re doing a one-on-one meeting or have a similarly focused presentation, that’s about as quick as you can get.

Another bonus: I’ve found that putting my feet up on my desk is a great way to avoid the tendency to do little tasks while I’m listening. So the hour is relaxing as well as enlightening.

IPC has slated a solid series of Webinars during the rest of this year. On Dec. 6, three well-known market watchers will discuss a critical topic, the outlook for 2012. The chance to ask questions will help make that one particularly interesting.

The following week has two hot topics. On Dec. 13, reworking of high thermal mass boards will be examined. On the 15th, some new views on counterfeit components will be provided.

Whether I learn something new or get a reminder that I need to keep utilizing things I already know, there’s always something to be gained when experts address topics of interest.

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