IPC Standards Committee Progress Reports: Environment, Health and Safety

This is the last in a series of updates from IPC standards committee meetings at IPC Midwest.

Environment, Health and Safety

The 4-33 Halogen-Free Materials Subcommittee discussed IPC-WP/TR-584A, IPC White Paper and Technical Report on the Use of Halogenated Flame Retardants in Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies (Correcting the Misunderstandings on “Halogen-Free”). However, as there does not appear to be any governmental actions that potentially threaten the use of TBBPA as a flame retardant for laminate or prepreg, the group decided that no immediate work is needed to update the white paper/technical report. The subcommittee will revert to a monitoring group and will only become active if governmental activity involving TBBPA surfaces.

The 4-33A Low Halogen Guideline Task Group discussed the recent version of the draft guideline for defining low halogen electronics. The draft guideline has been revised to split Class B into two classes; the guideline now has three classes. Class C defines low halogen at the elemental bromine and chlorine level and requires mandatory testing. The committee will continue to review the draft guideline to prepare the document for industry review.

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