Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity

IPC President Denny McGuirk’s Nov. 1 final IPC Review column.

Friends and Colleagues,

As I am writing this, I am approaching my last day with IPC. I have said many goodbyes and have enjoyed reminiscing about the last 12 years. I hope you will indulge me in dedicating my final editorial to the lessons I’ve learned and what I hope to bring to my new job at SEMI.

The last 12 years have been years of difficulty and challenge for our industry as we have faced increasing global competition, environmental regulation and technological change. We have benefitted from a talented and farsighted Board who regularly took more narrow concerns and shaped them into actions benefitting the entire industry. Through two recessions, the rise of Asia and massive technology advances, they have guided the organization with wisdom and vision. While some of IPC’s policy decisions may not have pleased all of our members, the Board has been consistent, fair and objective. All of IPC’s policy decisions are made by the Board and implemented by the staff and it’s been my honor to serve the Board and the industry in their decision making.

I have three principles I have always espoused: honesty, loyalty and integrity. Beginning with my years spent in the U.S. Air Force and continuing through my time at IPC, these core values together with the honor of serving have always guided me. In my work with the staff, Board, volunteers and members, I have “given it straight” and never sugar coated the truth. Though my popularity may have suffered as a result, I would not have been comfortable being IPC president and CEO in any other way. That’s just not the way I work and not the way I live.

When I first started, I told the staff that having survived life-threatening combat missions in Vietnam, nothing that happens in our daily life at work is worth inflicting unnecessary stress. Setbacks and challenges help us learn and improve. Mistakes happen, situations happen — let’s fix them and do it with dignity, respect and poise.

A personal rule that has always served me well is to hire good people and never be afraid when they are better than you are. They will always make you and the organization look good! It’s been my privilege to work with an extremely talented and dedicated staff at IPC. They have challenged me, they have taught me and they have made me better. I know the association will be in great hands with such an experienced and committed staff in the United States, Europe, India and China following the Board’s guidance.

Finally, I’d say that a key to success is to be flexible. Never compromise your principles but always be ready for the unexpected. Leaving IPC and moving to California was not part of my original plan. Yet now another exciting chapter is about to begin with new challenges and opportunities. Change is opportunity and not something to avoid. Expect the unexpected. Be yourself. Have fun. Good luck to all of you and thank you for your help, your encouragement and even your criticism. Until we meet again …

Ed note: Safe travels Denny! We’ll miss you!

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