Comments from the Hand Soldering Competition by a Judge

by Floyd Bertagnolli – Master IPC Trainer at STM

It was a delight to be a judge at IPC’s first annual Soldering Competition at IPC Midwest in Sept. Great compliments to IPC’s own Kris Roberson for organizing and coordinating the event. All judging was per IPC-A-610 and each judge was an Master IPC Trainer. Each student was judged in 4 ways, 1) watched and critiqued while soldering; 2) PCAs were inspected at a QA station; 3) Boards were checked for functionality (all LEDs had to light up, which required good solder joints for all parts in each series circuit, and proper polarity, etc.); 4) time.

It was a delight to observe the talent, quality, and speed of the contestants. I must admit, if STM was not a training center, but rather a manufacturing site, I would have offered a couple of these wonderful techs a job on the spot!

Best regards, Floyd Bertagnolli Training Mgr. STM – Service To Mankind IPC Training & ISO Consulting office: 408-274-7119 cell: 408-768-6515 fax: 408-538-8601

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