Solid and steady win the day

After the economic havoc of the last few years and the ongoing battle between idealists in Washington D.C., I’ve come to appreciate terms like solid and steady. The drama of seeing politicians and business executives teetering on the brink of a shutdown is pretty unappealing compared to the attraction of business as usual.

That’s one of many reasons I enjoyed attending IPC Midwest in Schaumburg, Ill. in mid-September. Attendance was solid, especially given the economy and the lack of time available for overtaxed workers to get away from their daily demands.

On the show floor, traffic was steady, especially around the hand soldering contest. Show goers would watch soldering specialists work to make high quality connections on small boards, then head off to see what companies were demonstrating at their booths.

In the conference rooms, attendance was also in that solid category. Some sessions were quite specialized, so small audiences were to be expected. In broader audience presentations, large rooms were nearly filled. Often, there were a few people hanging by the doors rather than struggling to get to the inside seats that always taunt standees who’d like to sit down.

Thankfully, the number of trade shows and conferences that make you feel like you’re almost alone in a vast arena has declined in the last several months. It’s nice to attend a show like IPC Midwest, where there a nice feel of activity and the sense of excitement that grows when attendees come together to learn how they can make their companies and this industry stronger.

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