2010’s double digit growth rate

With all the news about the offshoring of America’s circuit board industry and the overall downturn in the U.S., I was surprised to learn that the North American market actually grew in 2010. And not just a little bit – both rigid and flex usage rose by double digit rates.

These revelations arose when IPC’s 2010-2011 Industry Analysis and Forecast for the PCB Industry in North America rolled off the presses. Or off the server, since I got an electronic version. Whichever way you look at it, growth rates in the teens are pretty exciting, given the tenor of the times.

The uptick puts the market back above 2007-2008 levels, which were solidly higher than the 12-month debacle between then and 2010.

Another intriguing tidbit within the detailed report, which runs more than 70 pages, is that production in North America isn’t keeping up with demand. That’s where that offshoring trend comes into play.

There are a number of other eye-opening items in the study. Applications are broken down by overall categories, such as military and communications, with further examinations of which markets are consuming different types of boards. To purchase the report, visit www.ipc.org/2010-11-PCB-Market-Report.

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