IPC standards status reports: process control and product assurance

This is the last in our series of status reports from the IPC Intouch Newsletter for the first half of 2011. For more information on a particular committee, visit our committee home pages , the IPC status of standardization or e-mail answers@ipc.org.

Process Control

The 7-23 Process Effects Handbook Subcommittee reviewed the status of two standards related to process effects: IPC-9121 for assembly and IPC-9111 for printed boards. The two subcommittees met together and started preparations for using IPC’s new online committee workspace. During the meeting, each subcommittee organized the 16 sections of its respective document with appropriate placeholders on the committee’s dedicated workspace. Several teleconferences were scheduled throughout the year. The 7-24 Subcommittee will meet at IPC headquarters in June to complete many of the sections that have already been edited and will post the sections on the online committee workspace.

Product Assurance

The 7-31F Wire Harness Acceptability Task Group continued work on Revision B of IPC/WHMA-A-620A, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. Many action items and comments from the winter interim meeting were reviewed and resolved. However, there are still several open comments and work will continue with two meeting dates in June and at IPC Midwest in September. There were related meetings of the 7-31h HDBK-620 Task Group and the 7-31ft 620 Training Task Group.

The 7-31J IPC-A-630, Requirements for Structural Enclosure Task Group, discussed continued ideas on how to incorporate information from other industries (fasteners, plastics, cooling systems, etc.) into the standard. Several sections have been released to the committee at large for comment.

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