IPC standards committee activities: supplier declaration, EHS, Roadmap and JNAC

Keep up with IPC standards committee activities with these status reports published in our recent Intouch Newsletter. For more information on a particular committee, visit our committee home pages , the IPC status of standardization or e-mail answers@ipc.org.

Supplier Declaration

The 2-18 Supplier Declaration Committee selected Krista Crotty, Alberi EcoTech, and Richard Kubin, ProCM, as committee co-chairs. The committee discussed how to address the continuing limited adoption of revised standards, IPC-1751A, Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management and IPC-1752A, Materials Declaration Management. The committee also discussed the status of the certification subgroup and how to move forward.

The 2-18B Materials Declaration Task Group discussed several outstanding issues related to IPC-1752A, Materials Declaration Management. The task group decided that the appendices in the standard that contain the REACH SVHC list, RoHS exemptions list, etc., should be updated biennially in accordance with the expected updates to the REACH SVHC list. The group also discussed how they might work with EICC/GESi to implement a due diligence reporting program for conflict minerals. In addition, they decided that more outreach and education on the standard is needed throughout the industry to further encourage widespread adoption of the standard.

The 2-18C Laminate Declaration Task Group reviewed the status of IPC-1753 and determined the UML model conditions for that particular document. After review, the group decided that additional characteristics should be included in the model for flex material, ceramic material and silicon and determined the manner in which the XML modifications would identify base material with and without copper. These conditions will be incorporated in the first draft of IPC-1753. In addition, recommendations will be made to the 2-18 Supplier Declaration Committee to incorporate the changes into the generic standard.

The 2-18F Pack and Packing Materials Declaration Task Group discussed responses to comments received from the first circulation of the draft standard for IPC-1758, Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Packing, and Packaging Materials. The task group decided to replace “packing and packaging” with “pack and packing” to clarify the scope of the standard and to be consistent with applicable regulations. The group also decided to remove all screenshots (figures) from the draft standard in order to avoid the perception that output data must conform to a certain format.

Environment, Health and Safety

The 4-30 Environment, Health and Safety Steering Committee heard presentations on IPC-IPC-1752A, Materials Declaration Management, environmental issues, health and safety issues, the REACH and CLP Directive, and carbon footprinting. The committee also discussed the advantages of quantifying the cost benefits of environmental compliance to illustrate potential and actual cost savings to management. The presentations are available to IPC members and can be accessed online.

The 4-33A Low Halogen Guideline Task Group discussed the recent version of the draft guideline for defining low halogen electronics. The draft guideline had been revised to combine Sections 6 and 8 into one section on test methods for determining how much bromine and chlorine are present in a product. During the meeting, committee members edited the document.


The 8-40 Roadmap Committee reviewed the status of the IPC technology roadmap for 2011. The committee discussed the status of completion and determined that the 2011 Roadmap would not be available until sometime later this year. Some members took assignments; however, there are still many open areas that need attention before the Roadmap can be completed.


The Jisso North America Council (JNAC) discussed new technologies and the format of JIC12 (JISSO International Council) to be held at the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Learning (CALCE) at the University of Maryland. A major change in the organization of the topic groups had been agreed to with the JIC executive committee. The 2011 JIC 12 meeting will still consider the ‘total packaging solution’ but will break the topics into a slightly different organization so that the various Jisso levels of packaging are all identified.

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