IPC Member Electronic Technologies International Achieves UL Certification

Congratulations to IPC member Electronic Technologies International (ETI), Fort Atkinson WI, for its achievement of UL 508A Industrial Control Panels Certification.

The UL certification covers the design and build of Industrial Control Panels for equipment such as Heating/Cooling, IT & Communications, Utility Systems, Gas/Vapor Detection, Emergency Lighting & Alarms, Commercial/Industrial Gas Burners, Fluid Dispensing, Crane & Hoist, Factory Automation, Power Supplies, Food Processing, Medical Technology, Fluid-handling Systems, and Fire Protection.

For over 20 years, ETI has provided high-level services of engineering, prototyping, and production for low-to-medium volume printed circuit boards, wire/cable harnesses, and box builds. The company serves industries of medical/hospital, industrial/commercial, agricultural/construction, and energy/utility. ETI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and adheres to IPC Class II and III Workmanship Standards.


To publicize the achievements of your IPC member company, please send an e-mail to KimSterling@ipc.org.


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