LED streetlights gain traction

The push to convert street lights to LEDs is making solid headway. China continues to be a leader, and many American municipalities are making the switch.

Federal and state grants are sparking the change in the U.S. Novato, Calif., and Ashville, N.C., are recent examples of the change. Both cities are using DOE Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants to replace existing street lights with LED versions. Ashville hopes to save $48,492 annually in energy and reduce the local-government carbon footprint by 0.7 percent.

Though U.S. cities are doing a lot, China’s government is also pushing the technology. The Climate Group, an environmental not for profit, estimates that China has four of the top five LED-based street light installations in the world.

That’s underscored by one of the efforts being spearheaded by IPC China. The group is driving the development of standards and guidelines for metal-backed printed circuit boards that will help LED-based street lights dissipate heat.

Though the costs are high at the outset, this appears to be a case where governments are spending money wisely. LEDs trim daily operating costs, using less electricity. They also last longer so work crews don’t have to replace lamps nearly as often. One estimate is that existing lamps last 10,000 hours, which is one tenth the lifetime of LEDs.

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