Divining the future for electronic chemicals

An upcoming Webinar will blend the best of both worlds of statistical data and real world insight. Sharon Starr, director of market research at IPC, will provide the latest statistics gathered by IPC during a Webinar entitled “Market Update for the Electronic Chemicals Industry.

She will team up with Mike Carano, a vice president at OMG Electronic Chemicals who is also chairman of IPC’s process consumables statistics subcommittee. He will offer additional insight into the trends in chemicals being sold to those throughout the PCB industry.

This Webinar will be on Tuesday, March 8 at 10 am CST.  In these uncertain times, IPC decided that the Webinar’s value could be magnified by adding insights from an industry perspective.

“We’ll be discussing many of the end markets that PCB manufacturers are involved in,” Starr said.

The registration fee is FREE for IPC members, $25 for nonmembers and covers unlimited participants on one phone line at one location. Pre-registration is required and is available through this link.

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