Solar market rises, some subsidies fall

Solar is continuing to stay at the forefront of the long-predicted transition to green energy. Governments are still providing support, though some are cutting funding as solar gets closer to the day when government subsidies are no longer needed.

Solar volumes are continuing to grow, driving down prices. At the same time, the efficiency of photovoltaic components is continuing to improve. Together, these trends are making solar more viability, helping drive solid market growth.

SRI Consulting predicts that photovoltaic consumption will continue to grow by double digit percentages annually. Though government support is currently needed to support the market, solar products are becoming more cost effective.

“The world is likely to soon see an environment where PV subsidies are no longer necessary,” according to principal consultant Anthony Pavone.

German regulators cited the success of the solar industry when it reduced its subsidies early this year. France has also trimmed its funding, though both governments still support solar technologies.

Legislators in the U.S. haven’t been as generous as some European governments, but at present they don’t show signs of curtailing what they do provide. During his recent State of the Union address, President Obama singled out solar as a centerpiece of his plans to use green technologies to create jobs.

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