More Updates from IPC Committee Work at IPC Midwest


The 5-21f Ball Grid Array and 5/21h Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Task Groups discussed the actions taking place in the IPC-709X set of implementation standards. Prior to the Midwest meeting, a plan was developed to start work on an implementation standard for embedded components. The characteristics of this new documents (IPC-7092), however, would be assigned to a different committee since the embedded components would be part of the printed board structure, not necessarily the assembly. The committee also looked at proposals for Revision C of IPC-7095 and started to plan the characteristics needed to bring that document into the standardization update effort. It was noted that IPC-7093 has not yet been published will be completed in the last quarter of 2010.

The 5-22as Space Electronic Assemblies J-STD-001 Addendum Task Group accepted the final ballot results for J-STD-001ES, Space Applications Electronic Hardware Addendum, to J-STD-001E. The group is preparing the document for publication as well as developing a training program.

The 522f J-STD-001 Handbook IPC Task Group made great progress on a fast track effort to update the handbook for Revision E. This task group will meet again in January at the interim meetings in Phoenix.

The 5-23a Printed Wiring Board Solderability Specification Task Group is actively revising J-STD-002, Solderability Tests for Printed Board to its C revision. Activities are centered on: 1) establishing wetting balance testing as a hard requirement test and property (with no exceptions); 2) improving the solder float testing to more consistently provide data; 3) accounting for the baking process requirements within the in-development storage and handling document (IPC-1601) and its effects on board solderability and 4) implementing a solder spread test.

The 5-23b Component and Wire Solderability Specification Task Group reviewed the preconditioning round robin test. This is the last work to be completed prior to the J-STD-002D revision. Format and structure finalization of a merged D revision document that contains both IPC-J-STD-002 and the JEDEC22-102B was also discussed. All of the work on the new D revision is targeted for completion by the April 2011 IPC APEX EXPO.

The 5-24a Flux Specifications Task Group resolved comments to the last draft of Amendment 1 to J-STD-004B, Requirements for Soldering Fluxes. The resulting final draft will be circulated to industry for resolution.

The 5-24b Solder Paste Task Group finished their final draft on J-STD-005A, Requirements for Soldering Pastes. The last item for the task group is to initiate and complete a round robin test program to generate an acceptable solder particle size distribution for the manufacture of solder pastes.

The 5-24f Underfill Adhesives for Flip Chip Applications Task Group examined J-STD-030, Guideline for Selection and Application of Underfill Material for Flip Chip and Other Micropackages, to begin a cross comparison (GAP analysis). Discussion also occurred on “upgrading” the guideline to a full specification. A TAEC PIN was submitted and approved to begin work on the A revision that includes a new title: Design, Selection and Process Implementation for Underfill Materials.


The 5-32b Surface Insulation Resistance and Electrochemical Migration Task Group reviewed the status of the current IPC-B-52 SIR test pattern and the effort to align the design with that of the IEC-TB-57 test pattern. The task group also reviewed the current drafts of IPC-9202 and IPC-9203, providing guidance on how to prevent mixing different test vehicles for validating product to acceptance criteria.

The 5-33c Conformal Coating Handbook Task Group continued with the development of a first working draft for Revision A to IPC-HDBK-830, Guidelines for Design, Selection and Application of Conformal Coatings. The task group outlined plans for new sections highlighting the application of conformal coatings in the automotive and medical industries.

The 5-32e Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) Task Group reviewed and updated both the CAF test method (TM 2.6.25) as its A revision final draft (to be submitted to the 7-11 Test Methods Subcommittee) and the user’s guide for CAF testing (IPC-9691A) to its B revision.

The new 5-33f Potting and Encapsulation Task Group reviewed edits to the working draft for IPC-HDBK-850, a guideline on potting and encapsulation materials and processes. The task group reviewed terms and definitions for potting and encapsulation as well as all section submissions on the various processes for the materials. An industry request for photographs of materials, processes and equipment was made to go along with the sections created. A complete working draft for industry review and comment is expected to be circulated in April 2011.


The 7-31f Wire Harness Acceptability Task Group worked on Revision B to IPC/WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies. The group also worked on a companion document, IPC-HDBK-620. This task group will meet again in January at the interim meetings in Phoenix.

The 7-35 Assembly and Joining Handbook Subcommittee resolved nearly all action items and comments. The assembly and joining handbook is being prepared for a summer 2011 ballot.

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