NPL Lead-Free Research Reports – FREE Download

 Thousands of collaborative research hours have gone into the production of over 100 technical reports at the National Physical Laboratory. The Electronics Interconnection Group’s work includes all aspects of modern electronics manufacture; all these resources are now available online via the NPL Defects Database

Members of the Group have received international awards for their work having conducted projects on a wide range of subjects e.g:

  • Lead-Free Solder Joint Reliability
  • Tin Whisker Failures
  • Reliability of PCB laminates
  • Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF)
  • Tin Pest
  • Surface Insolation Résistance (SIR) Failure
  • Solder Joint Reliability Modelling
  • Solderability Test Qualification

The NPL reports and user guides are a combination of thousands of man hours of practical research, process simulation and soldering experiments resulting in an extensive library of support to industry on acknowledged production and reliability failure modes.

 All documents can be downloaded from the website which was specifically set up to provide a practical photographic guide to manufacturing defects and reliability failures. The NPL Defect Database has been promoted by IPC as a resource for engineers to solve practical shop floor problems. IPC currently features the NPL Defect of the Month video on this blog. These deal with a range of component, PCB and soldering issues.

To see all of the NPL Defect of the Month videos, visit the IPC youtube channel, playlist NPL defect of the month.

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    I think that you have put a real effort in collecting the data which totally related to the man kind but physical research are gonna drop the lead free research reports.

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