Standards go global

European IPC members recently began working on the first standard that will be developed primarily by regional members. This embryonic effort highlights a growing international interest in creating documents that bring the benefits of standards to disparate groups.

IPC members in Europe have been active for quite a while, translating existing documents and providing input on standards committees. Those efforts recently evolved into the establishment of a committee chartered to write a standard for solder paste print quality. Once completed, the document will benefit users in all geographies.

IPC’s ongoing efforts to extend its global reach are gaining momentum. The European effort marks the third time that groups outside of North America have driven the formation of committees tasked with completing standards.

Chinese members are working on two documents. The first effort aims to create a standard that will make it simpler to benchmark and compare reflow ovens. Another effort is designed to create metal-backed printed circuit boards that will help LED-based street lights dissipate heat.

David Bergman, IPC’s vice president of international relations, hopes that these initial efforts will continue to gain momentum. “This is exactly what we wanted to happen, to see local groups creating standards for their locales,” he said.

IPC’s international efforts continue to expand, he added. IPC India’s office opened late this summer.

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