IPC board standards committee updates: Handling and storage and embedded device documents make progress

Below are write-ups prepared by IPC staff liaisons after IPC APEX EXPO for select committees:

Rigid Printed Boards

The D-31b IPC-2221/2222 Task Group reviewed outstanding items for the forthcoming ballot to IPC-2222A, Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Printed Boards. Section 4 relates to laminate properties and significant discussions were held on the need to update the document with design guidance for lead-free material properties.  The task group also worked on preparing a Final Draft of IPC-2221B, Generic Standard on Printed Board Design, including the drafting of guidance on crazing and haloing in printed boards and conductive anodic filament (CAF) growth.

Members of the D-33a and 7-31a task groups celebrated the release of IPC-6012C, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards, and IPC-A-600H, Acceptability of Printed Boards. The task groups also established a list of items for the next revision efforts for both documents, including updated HDI/microvia requirements, addressing “eyebrow” cracks in double blind via constructions, through-hole fill requirements and addressing OSP coatings in thermally stressed printed boards.

The D-35 Printed Board Storage and Handling Subcommittee reviewed industry comments submitted from the Final Draft circulation of IPC-1601, Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines. The subcommittee agreed to revise the sections on recommended moisture levels for printed boards. Negative ballots are being resolved and the document is expected to be published in late August 2010.

Embedded Devices

The D-51 Embedded Devices Design Subcommittee advanced work on an outline for IPC-2227, Sectional Design Standard for Printed Boards Containing Embedded Devices. The attendees reviewed a new JPCA standard addressing active embedded devices in addition to passive embedded devices. The subcommittee discussed approving elements of this document for inclusion within IPC-2227.

The D-52 Embedded Component Materials Subcommittee examined the released Amendment 1 to IPC-4821, Specification for Embedded passive Device Capacitor Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards. The group was presented with the second edition (2009) of the JPCA document, EB01, that addresses reliability, design and terminology of embedded devices, both passive as well as active formats. This subcommittee is trying to gather more materials information for contributions to active embedded device considerations.

The D-54 Embedded Devices Test Methods Subcommittee reviewed the latest drafts of both a test method and a paper by Jan Obrzut, NIST; Jason Ferguson, NSWC-Crane and Michael Azarian, CALCE (Univ. of Maryland) on power density rating (PDR) for embedded resistors. A few comments were provided by the meeting participants and additional comments were requested from all members of the D-54 Subcommittee.

Flexible Circuits

The D-12 Flexible Circuits Performance Specifications Subcommittee continued drafting new microvia and HDI requirements for flexible printed boards as part of an update to the IPC-6010 Board Qualification and Performance series and the planned cancellation of the outdated IPC-6016 HDI standard. The task group also reviewed a proposal for developing acceptance criteria in IPC-6013 and IPC-A-600 for ACF bonding films for flexible printed board applications.

The D-13 Flexible Circuits Base Materials Subcommittee completed the A revision of IPC-4202, Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Circuitry. The subcommittee immediately turned its attention to revision A of IPC-4204, Flexible Metal-Clad Dielectrics for Use in Fabrication of Flexible Printed Circuitry, working on Draft 13 at the meeting.

The D-15 Flexible Circuits Test Methods Subcommittee completed its work on the A revision of Test Method 2.6.21, Service Temperature of Flexible Printed Circuitry. It has been published and inserted into the IPC TM-650 Test Methods Manual.

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