J-STD-001E workshop coming up

When standards are revised every few years, there’s always an immediate effort to help users learn what’s changed. Even when specifications like J-STD-001 follow the trend towards simplicity, classes can update experienced users and provide a good opportunity to teach new personnel how the specification works.

J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldering of Electrical and Electronics Assemblies, recently finished its latest five-year cycle. Revision E will be the focus of a day-long session, The Impact of Updates to J-STD-001, May 19 in San Jose, Calif.

Teresa Rowe, chairwoman of the J-STD-001 Task Group and instructor for the day, said one of the most significant changes is a nod towards ease of use. “We listened to trainers and overseas people, including the translators, to make it much easier to read” she said. “We’ve changed the formatting, we no longer call out requirements in boxes. They’re in text, which everyone says is much easier to read.”

Other updates include consolidated lead placement and soldering criteria for different terminal types, as well as additional surface mount topics such as expanded staking/adhesive criteria for bonding.

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