Small steps toward network security

Protecting corporate networks has become as critical as protecting tangible assets. Perhaps even more important, since it’s far easier to sit at home and hack into networks than to go out to hijack a delivery truck or break into a factory and haul out components.

But cybersecurity still gets a minimal amount of attention. President Obama finally appointed the Cybersecurity Czar last month, several months after saying it was a critical job. Many reports suggest that several people turned down the post because it has no real authority and a minimal budget. Howard Schmidt, who handled Cyber security under President Bush, took the job.

Lockheed Martin announced a number of cyber initiatives this week, mainly a number of agreements with universities that aim to help build an infrastructure. Lockheed’s done a lot in Internet protection, this is yet another positive step.

Lockheed spread $1 million between scholarships programs at three universities and its own Cyber university. That will provide a few scholarships and help equip some labs.

Aerospace and defense companies are helping lead the effort to increase the focus on Web security. Last summer, the president of Northrop Grumman’s Information Systems sector likened the challenge of securing networks to the 1960’s technical marvel, putting a man on the moon. “The task of providing real, robust security for our information networks will be the challenge for the next decade,” Linda Mills said.

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