IPC PCB Military Interchange: Great exchange, roadmap ready

More than 125 people attended the IPC Technology Interchange: “The North American PCB Industry – It Can and Will Support the Military Market” in Washington last week. Defense OEMs, government officials and representatives from PCB and EMS companies discussed the challenges facing the military from continued North American PCB industry consolidation and problems with lead-free and counterfeit components. For an excellent wrap-up of the meeting, read Ray Rasmussen’s comments in his MilAero newsletter. Al Wasserzug of Vulcan Flex Circuits also provides commentary from his perspective as a flex manufacturer and conference presenter.

As a follow-on to the conference, the IPC Printed Board Defense Roadmap – Future Needs of Printed Boards in Department of Defense Electronics Identified by the North American Electronic Interconnect Industry has been released. The IPC Defense Roadmap identifies the printed board designs and materials that will be needed to meet the future needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) and military Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Also discussed in the roadmap are the North American printed board industry’s future technology factors and capabilities for defense electronics. The roadmap is an excellent tool to facilitate better communication between the printed board industry, OEMs designing and manufacturing military hardware, the DoD and the military electronics supply chain.

The IPC Printed Circuit Board Executive Agent Task Force developed the roadmap to assist the DoD PCB Executive Agent in developing a DoD printed board and interconnect technology roadmap by identifying printed board technologies, designs and materials that will be required to meet future DoD and OEM needs. Congress mandated the establishment of the PCB Executive Agent program and development of the DoD Roadmap in order to strengthen national defense readiness. 9 pages. Released December 2009.

 Members can download this report at no charge in the IPC online store.

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