Growing a better perception

The green movement has been a dominant force in marketing for quite some time, but there seems to be no shortage of new ways for companies tout anything they do to conserve energy, recycle products or reduce waste.
Almost daily, large corporations continue to boast about their environmental accomplishments. LG Electronics USA recently teamed up with the nation’s leading recycler, Waste Management. The two are working with hotel chains, helping them dispose of old analog TVs when they move to digital electronics.
Sprint teamed up with the University of Arizona last week, offering students an easy way to dispose of their cell phones. NEW, a strangely-named company that provides service contracts for consumer electronics, just announced a plan to pay consumers $5 to $100 for turning in unwanted electronics that it will refurbish or recycle.
None of these announcements are breaking new ground. Hotels have been replacing analog TVs for quite a while, and it’s pretty easy to find a place to recycle an old cell phone. But these companies are building up positive perceptions with plans that really don’t cost them much yet help when it’s tax time.
Most EMS providers and board and solder companies are probably making moves that provide at least as much of an environmentally friendly impact. It wouldn’t be a dumb move to tell a few newspapers, Web sites and other organizations and gain a little public good will. Getting local publicity could help when it’s time to go before the zoning board or another local body. Anything that’s national would help enhance the industry’s standing as a responsible corporate citizen. This broad benefit certainly couldn’t hurt when it’s time to lobby legislative bodies that seem intent on banning any material that’s useful in electronics manufacturing.
It’s no secret that perception can sometimes be as important as reality. It can’t hurt to boost the perception that this is an industry that’s trying to clean up the environment.

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