Predicting big times for nano

The hype surrounding a pending nanotechnology revolution peaked and then faded a few years ago. That could mean there’s finally a fair chance that the chance to make some money from the technology.
The printed  board industry might not seem like a place where nanotechnology may fit, but Alan Rae says that’s not true. The head of TPF Enterprises LLC worked in both the board and nanotechnology industries and now involved with iNEMI and an ISO nanotechnologies task group.
Perhaps the biggest and earliest link between nano and boardmakers is the emergence of silver-based conductive inks that use nanotubes to improve conductivity and lower the sintering point to 125 degrees C. Boardmakers who start studying materials like these stand to benefit significantly during the coming decade, Rae predicted.
He’ll discuss this topic in far greater depth in Irvine, Calif. at the IPC Materials Conference: Engineering for Compliance on November 11. His keynote speech, “Opportunities and Challenges as Nano-enabled Products Go Mainstream in the Next Five Years,” highlight the challenges and potential payoffs that may come as nanotechnologies leave the labs.
Whether there will be a big payoff in nano solder or it will be yet another technology with unfulfilled remains to be seen. But as the electronics industry strives to keep costs of extremely high density electronics in check, the potential sure seems to make it worth examining.

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