Searching for Nirvana? Try IPC Midwest

Economic conditions have impacted every trade show, but crowds in technical presentations at IPC Midwest are still flowing into the halls. During the opening session, Leaded Engineers in a Lead Free World, extra chairs jammed the aisles and many stood in the back of the room.
Before that session was finished, IPC had already gone out to get more CDs with the conference proceedings.
It’s pretty clear why these crowds have shown up. People still crave good information that helps them do their jobs. The technical presentations are made by those who have faced the challenges of producing quality products during this period of change. They have insight that’s hard to find anywhere else.
Speaking of finding things, this show puts some amusement into the uncertainty tied to a new facility. The rooms have great names, sort of a Woodstock meets alternative medicine. It makes finding a room sound like the search for inner peace.
Where can I find Serenity?  I want to get to Nirvana. I’m searching for Prosperity.
All these goals, and many others, are achievable at IPC Midwest.

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