Celebrating standards: vive la difference

Many partiers might love to have New Year’s Eve a couple times a year. Most kids would love to celebrate Christmas more than once. But alas, the standard for major celebrations is once a year.
Maybe that’s why we set aside special days to honor things ridiculous and serious. Saturday (September 19) is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, while Monday is International Peace Day.
Next month, World Standards Day reminds us to appreciate the standards that make our lives simpler. With standards, everyone agrees that we all benefit when a given thing is always made the same way.
Of course, it’s boring when everything’s the same.  So there’s no standard date for World Standards Day.
Internationally, the IEC, ISO and ITU have picked Oct. 14 as the day to consider the value of having standard sizes for things. In the U.S., ANSI is celebrating World Standards Day on Oct. 7.
If ever there’s a day that deserves to be honored separately on different continents, it’s the day dedicated to unified standards. That’s something I’m sure everyone would agree on.

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