iNEMI gets new CEO

There’s been a change in leadership at iNEMI. On Monday, the consortium announced that long-time Intel executive Bill Bader took the helm of the research organization. He spent 26 years at the chipmaker, where he served many roles before ending up as general manager of Systems Manufacturing Technology Development.
Bader certainly has the knowledge base needed to keep guiding iNEMI as it examines the myriad issues facing this segment of the electronics industry. The world’s largest chipmaker is known for long-term planning and keeping its costs low, among other things. That certainly fits well with iNEMI’s charter.
Bader replaces Jim McElroy, who ran iNEMI since 1996. He’s retiring after building a solid legacy. McElroy took over the National Equipment Manufacturing Initiative in 1996, helping it change from a small consortium into a major international research group. One thing that certainly helped him was that Jim was a genuinely nice guy.
The challenges facing Bader are no less daunting than when McElroy took over a consortium that was barely a year old. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep pushing semiconductor technologies forward at their usual clip. Making these advances in a cost effective manner is also a huge challenge. Add in a growing propensity for legislators to make their voices heard, and there are plenty of issues for Bader to manage. Here’s wishing him all the best in his new role.

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