Successful Soldering 180 pin QFN


Long standing IPC workshop instructor Bob Willis discusses solutions to more challenging parts, specifically printing and assembly of a QFN/LGA 180 highlighted on IPC TechNet. In this video, the question posed was “Does anybody have good stencil rules for the assembly of multi-row QFNs and especially triple-row such as ACTEL QFN180?

QFN and LGA component problems on 40 pin packages include floating during reflow, voiding and solderability are covered on the NPL Defect Database.

Click on this link or on Bob to view the video.

Bob will be teaching a course at IPC Midwest on this topic, LGA and QFN Design, Assembly and Rework Guide on September 24. He will also teach Troubleshooting Your PCB Assembly Yields – On-site or Offshore. Sign up by August 21 and take $50 off the cost of attending one course. Learn more at or

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