Chemical Risks Overstated by Media

Every day it seems we open up our newspapers, hear a story on TV, or click on a link stating that “scientists” have discovered the latest chemical that will kill us. Increasingly, those stories are tying toxic chemicals and the risk of cancer or some other medical ailment to the products we use in our everyday lives. Whether it is the lead in electronics or the bisphenol in baby bottles, a never ending stream of news stories is inciting widespread public fear and distrust of chemicals and the products they are used to manufacture. While we in the electronics industry (myself included) have said for some time that this is bad science, it seems at times that we were just trying to swim upstream.

Now a new study of toxicologists, scientists who specialize in the study of toxic substances and its effects on human health and the environment, say that the media calls into question the risks associated with many of these chemicals as they are routinely depicted in the media. The scientists also rate leading environmental activist groups as overstating risks. According to survey director Robert Lichter, Ph.D., “This survey suggests that the public doesn’t get a full and balanced picture of chemical risk.”
Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see this story making too many headlines.
View the survey online.

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