HDI Executive Overview: Many Myths But Market Reality

Our IPC PCB Management Council Steering Committee has developed a white paper for IPC members only on the myths about HDI and why it is critical for North American PCB manufacturers to adopt this technology.

One of the key points of the paper is that it is a huge myth that there is no market for HDI in North America. In November 2008, IPC surveyed OEMs to determine the need for HDI. Out of 30 respondents, 73 percent indicated that their use of HDI was increasing and that the regional supply in North America was not adequate to meet demand. Companies were identified in seven different segments — hand held, GPS, automative navigation, cellular, military, video and telecom — that are all integrating HDI boards into their products.

Another interesting discussion in the paper covers the price/density comparison of through-hole versus HDI boards. Where mechanical drilling of microvias will take hours, the same results can be accomplished with a laser in minutes. 

The final myth covers the perception that HDI is only for large companies. HDI technologies are increasingly being employed in high mix applications especially where space and weight are critical. Even companies focused on prototype work will have to use HDI as it will increasingly be found in both commercial and specialized applications.

The paper ends with some how-to information on getting started. If you’re an IPC member, download the paper today at www.ipc.org/HDI-Executive-Overview. It’s in the members-only section of our Web site, so you’ll have to log in. If you’re not a member, why not contact IPC Director of Membership Neal Bender and find out how you can become one for only $3 a day?

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